Joycalls Group is a conglomerate focused on creating new technological solutions for mobile operators. Openness to new projects and ideas, as well as reliability and experience make Joycalls a universal partner for solving a wide array of challenges on the high-tech market. Together with its partners, Joycalls Group defines new horizons for the development of the mobile industry. During 10 years of existence, our group of companies brought to life more than 150 projects with SMS, IVR, USSD, RBT, WAP, GPRS and other technologies.

Our partners:
Our clients
  • Russia 
    MTS, Megafon, RosTelecom
  • Kyrgyzstan 
    Beeline, Megacom, NurTelecom
  • Kazakhstan 
  • Uzbekistan 
  • Cambodia 
    Smart, Cellcard, Metfone
  • Bangladesh 
    Teletalk, Robi, Banglalink, Grameenphone
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
    IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
    is a technological platform that allows any person to access content and network capabilities via a call to a short number. Currently interactive voice portal are very popular among mobile telecommunication subscribers. Joycalls Group’ high-end IVR solutions allow mobile operators to achieve substantial additional income from voice services.
  • USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)
    USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)
    standardized GSM network service which allows to organize interactive communication between a subscriber and the service application via short message exchange. Joycalls has fast experience in creation of full-scale USSD-portals: text-based and interactive services, content, contests, etc.
  • SMS (Short Message Service)
    SMS (Short Message Service)
    technology that allows to send and receive short messages to the mobile handset.
  • JAVA, Android applications
    JAVA, Android applications
    for operator’s services control, content access, etc.
  • RBT (RingBack Tone)
    RBT (RingBack Tone)
    technology which allows to substitute traditional beep sounds in a call to a subscriber with melodies and voice real tones.
    set up of SIM-menu of any complexity with support of operator’s services control and content access via USSD, SMS, IVR.
  • WAP, WEB
    WAP, WEB
    diverse solutions for mobile Internet, service control interfaces for such services as background music, self-care, etc.
    and other mobile telecommunication technologies.
  • IVR Portal «Call!»
    IVR Portal «Call!»
    congratulations, jokes, stories, love confessions, dating, etc.
  • Voice Changer
    Voice Changer
    also known as “Magic Voice”
  • Alibi Sound Service
    Alibi Sound Service
  • Promised Payment
    Promised Payment
  • STK, DSTK (SIM-menu)
    STK, DSTK (SIM-menu)
  • Beep Call
    Beep Call
  • SMS Dating
    SMS Dating
  • Karaoke
  • SMS chat (USSD menu)
    SMS chat (USSD menu)
  • GPRS/WAP/MMS settings
    GPRS/WAP/MMS settings
  • IVR outbound call system
    IVR outbound call system
  • SMS FireWall (AntiSpam Filter)
    SMS FireWall (AntiSpam Filter)
  • Bulk SMS (notifications, mass marketing, etc.)
    Bulk SMS (notifications, mass marketing, etc.)
  • SMS payments
    SMS payments
  • and many more
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